Neuroeconomics - For Students

For students

Neuroeconomics laboratory produces high quality scientific research and apply scientific results to practical solutions. We study human decision-making and choice in different contexts. In laboratory student's role is essential. Although there is several projects ongoing in the laboratory you can also build your own project from an interesting theme. In the laboratory you can learn and help to produce new information with the following ways:

1. Elective studies

Do you have an idea that you would like to execute in practice? Or do you want carry out studies with our ongoing projects? Please contact Jyrki Suomala: jyrki.suomala(at)

2. Thesis

You can suggest a thesis topic yourself or we can find a suitable topic from our projects. You can make the thesis by using tradiotional behavioural methods or by the means of fMRI. Please contact jyrki.suomala(at)

3. Internship

There are annually few internship positions open for apply. Please contact jyrki.suomala(at)

Neuromarketing course 01387/LYA1211.

The course has been executed on Fall 2012 and will executed fall 2013 again.

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