Neuroeconomics - Projects

Research and Development Projects

In SIDlab Neuroeconomics we produce high quality scientific research and apply scientific results to practical solutions. We study human decision-making and choice in different contexts. Behavioral economics and scientific methods from interviews to controlled experiments are used. In addition, we use functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) methods in order to understand the neural substrate of human decision-making.

1. Subjective goal as a reference point

The project studies the role of subjective goal for decision making and choice on behavioral and neurophysiological level.

2. The food choice project

The project tries to clarify the behavioral and the neurophysiological determinants of healthy food choice and eating habits. Based on research results, a new behavioral intervention program will be developed for people who want to change eating habits from unhealthy to healthy.

3. The behavioral and neural substrate of cheat

The project's aim is to clarify the determinants of cheat on neurophysiological and behavioral levels.

4. Neuromarketing projects

For example the impact of retail marketing assets to the purchase decision during consultative selling process (Virtual Customer Journey). Material available for download (Most of the material are currently only in Finnish):

- Basic information about neuromarketing (English) PDF

- Virtual Customer Journey -consept brochure PDF

- Brand and Product Experience -consept brochure PDF

- Research and Development -consept brochure PDF

- PowerPoint presentation about the possible project taking place in years 2012 - 2015. PDF

5. Open projects

i.e. students' own projects. In these projects students study and develop their own themes in the Neuroeconomics lab.