Research and Development Projects

In NeuroLab, we produce high quality scientific research and apply scientific results to practical solutions. We study human decision-making and choice in different contexts. Behavioral economics and scientific methods from interviews to controlled experiments are used. In addition, we use functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) methods in order to understand the neural substrate of human decision-making. In addition to the projects listed above, students can study and develop their own themes in the NeuroLab.


Post date: Monday, December 8, 2014 - 14:41

NeuroService is a Tekes-funded project which started in January 2014 and continues to the end of 2015. In NeuroService-project investigates consumer preferences with neuromarketing hence contributing to corporate research, development and innovation processes. The purpose of NeuroService-project is to create new brain research-based and marketing enhancing knowledge and know-how in Finland.

Laurea University of Applied Sciences and Aalto University researchers together with the international experts and the experts of the companies form the core of the professional network of the project. Project partners include Valio, MTV, SRV, Voitto, Avire, Taloustutkimus, Hurmex, The Active Paper Company and Intelligent Coaching Systems Finland.

During the project three neuromarketing studies are executed with fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging). NeuroService-project utilises the eye-tracker and the magnet meant for scientific use in AMI Centre of Aalto University. The material used in the studies comes from the companies participating in the project.

Timing: January 7 2014 – March 31 2016

Neuro Against Smoking (NAS) Project

Post date: Monday, December 8, 2014 - 14:32

The NAS Project aims at promoting healthy lifestyle, supporting the tobacco free environment and thus aiding societies and governments in their fight against smoking. Specifically it brings new valuable insights to the existing discussion on cigarettes warnings. By integrating traditional survey methods with implicit measures (Reaction Time - which allows to explore consumers’ impulsive and automatic attitudes), the research will monitor the impact and effectiveness of anti-tobacco warnings presented on cigarette packs.

The project is lead by Neuromarketing Science & Business Association (NMSBA) together with NEUROHM - headquartered in Warsaw, Poland. Methodology and study design are provided by NEUROHM.

With 31 participating countries being represented by companies and universities, this is yet the world’s biggest international neuro study dedicated to health issues. The NAS-team in Finland: Sara Akerele, Sini Maunula, Sara Pfister and Jyrki Suomala.

Timing: Fielding starts November 1st, the first results are due the end of December.

Subjective Goal as a Reference Point

Post date: Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - 09:28

The project studies the role of subjective goal for decision making and choice on behavioral and neurophysiological level.

The Food Choice Project

Post date: Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 14:38

The project tries to clarify the behavioral and the neurophysiological determinants of healthy food choice and eating habits. Based on research results, a new behavioral intervention program will be developed for people who want to change eating habits from unhealthy to healthy.