Current Staff

Principal lecturer, Ph.D. (Education), M.A. (Philosophy), Adjunct Professor
functions as the principal investigator in the Tekes-funded NeuroService project (2014-2015). He is the head of the NeuroLab and his main research interest is consumer decision making in different contexts varying from buying and media choice to salary evaluation. Suomala applies cognitive science, behavioral economics and neurophysiological (mainly fMRI) approach in his research. He has participated in various research projects funded by the Academy of Finland (UCRET project, 1996-2001; SOCA, 2003-2007) and the Ministry of Education (STEMA project). In addition, he has been a visiting researcher at the University of California at Santa Barbara on two occasions, for a total period of three years.
Principal Lecturer, Ph.D. (Education), Lic.Sc. (Marketing)
specializes in food economy, marketing and methodology related to human choice and decision making. He is an active member in the NeuroLab where he conducts research in the NeuroService project as well as in other projects. He is involved in the projects as a methodological expert. His long career at research companies and universities started over 25 years ago and during that time he has been studying in the University of Rhode Island (1987-1988), University of California Davis (1995-1996) and has done many visits outside Finland. His master thesis and licentiate works were made for the University of Helsinki (Economy department) and doctoral thesis for the University of Tampere (Education). Heinonen has been helping over than 250 companies with their problems for several years and managed projects and research endeavors.
Researcher, M.Sci. (Technology), Ph.D. (Marketing)
works as a researcher in the Tekes-funded NeuroService project. Otherwise as a principal lecturer she has designed and introduced the Master’s degree programme “Behavioral Insights in Business Applications” at the Laurea University of Applied Sciences (, in Finnish). Her PhD research at the Rotterdam School of Management and postdoctoral research at the Aalto University concentrated on neuroeconomics and neuromarketing. Her research has been widely covered by the media, both within Finland (e.g. Tiede-lehti, Suomen Kuvalehti, Taloussanomat) as well as internationally (e.g. the Wall Street Journal and CNN).
Project Coordinator at SIDlab Neuroeconomics
works in the NeuroLab as a project coordinator in the Tekes-funded NeuroService-project. She graduated in 2012 with honours from Laurea University of Applied Sciences and wrote her thesis about the possibilities of Neuromarketing in Finland. She got interested in neuromarketing, because she took the matriculation examination both in psychology and in health science, and neuromarketing was a good combination of these subjects and her business studies. During her studies, she worked as an intern in NeuroLab at Laurea. Her other work experience includes assisting duties of marketing and working as a sales coordinator. Due her interest in literature, she spends her pastime writing novels and short stories.
Research Student, M.A. (Int. Marketing Management)
works as a research student in the TEKES-funded project NeuroService. She became interested in the field of Neuromarketing during her undergraduate studies at Laurea University of Applied Sciences in 2012 when she participated in the class of Jarmo Heinonen and Jyrki Suomala about Neuromarketing. Helen Hofmann decided to write her dissertation in International Marketing Management at Berlin School of Economics in the field of strategic marketing, which is based on Neuromarketing. She has been working in international marketing and communications for about four years supporting companies such as Procter & Gamble, The German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Helsinki and E.ON in Berlin.