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Jyrki Suomala

Principal Lecturer, Ph.D. (Education), Adjunct Professor

is the founder and the head of the SIDlab Neuroeconomics. He obtained his Ph.D. on Education in 1999 from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. He has participated in various research projects funded by the Academy of Finland, the Ministry of Education and Technology Agency of Finland (TEKES). In addition, he has been a visiting researcher at the University of California, Santa Barbara on two occasions, for a total period of three years. He is currently studying human decision-making and choice in different areas of life by means of fMRI.

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Jarmo E. A. Heinonen

Principal Lecturer, Ph.D. (Education), Lic.Sc. (Marketing)

made his Lic.Sc. work on Marketing (1998) and Ph.D. thesis on Education (2006). His master thesis and licentiate works were made for the University of Helsinki (Food Economy department) and his doctoral thesis for the University of Tampere (Education).

He is an expert in food economy/marketing and methodology related to human choice and decision making. His role in the Neuroeconomics lab is to make research related to our Food Choice project and a project "Commercial centres' security and competitiveness", and to be involved with other projects as a methodological expert.

His long career with research companies and universities started over 25 years ago and during that time he has been studying in University of Rhode Island (1987-1988), University of California Davis (1995-1996) and other less than one year visits outside Finland.

Heinonen has specialized in methodological issues and has been helping companies with their problems over several years, with his students, and ordered projects and researches. His home page can be found here.

Lauri Palokangas (Lapa)

Marketing Manager at Nokia, reseach assistant in SIDlab Neuroeconomics

Lapa began studying Business Management Programme in autumn 2007 besides his career at Nokia. He has an experience in Information Technology, Pre-sales & Marketing positions for more than a decade. Over the last years his work has related enterprise productivity and consumer messaging in the forms of E-mail and instant messaging.

Lapa did his thesis about measuring the impact of retail marketing assets to the purchase decision during solution selling process. The hypotheses of the research are from the discipline of neuroeconomics, whereas the behavioural research relates to Lapa's area of expertise in Nokia. The thesis was rewarded in the Thesis 2010 competition.

Curriculum Vitae

Sini Maunula

Third year student (Laurea), intern at SIDlab Neuroeconomics

Started to study business in Laurea year 2008 and has also had a couple of information technology courses. Sini interested in neuromarketing, because she took the matriculation both in psychology and health science and neuromarketing was a good link between these subjects and her business studies. To neuroeconomics lab she ended up as an intern due the course where she was working on a project about neuromarketing. She is also planning to engage neuromarketing somehow to her thesis.

Paavo Lyytikäinen

Third year student (Laurea), intern at SIDlab Neuroeconomics

Paavo too started his business studies 2008. His speciality is marketing. Paavo got interested in neuromarketing because of the cross scientific approach, which felt like a good thing considering his plans for thesis.


Tiina Vuorenpää

Former intern

Tiina started her studies at Laurea in 2008. She did some optional studies at the Neuroeconomics lab at first and after that she worked as an intern. Tiina's job included organizing and assisting in fMRI projects, such as seminars, marketing, recruiting test persons and helping with them during the scan sessions.

She was doing her thesis in Neuroeconomics lab. Her thesis is connected to the food choice project and she is particularly interested in how social influences affect food choice.

Tuomas Tolvanen

Former Intern, nowdays as a research assistant and IT-support person in AMI-center

Started his studies at Helsinki University of Technology in 2003 and his major was Cognitive Technology. He was working as an intern at Neuroeconomics lab mainly doing the data analysis with SPM in fMRI-research.