Jarmo Heinonen

Principal Lecturer, Ph.D. (Education), Lic.Sc. (Marketing)

specializes in food economy, marketing and methodology related to human choice and decision making. He is an active member in the NeuroLab where he conducts research in the NeuroService project as well as in other projects. He is involved in the projects as a methodological expert.

His long career at research companies and universities started over 25 years ago and during that time he has been studying in the University of Rhode Island (1987-1988), University of California Davis (1995-1996) and has done many visits outside Finland. His master thesis and licentiate works were made for the University of Helsinki (Economy department) and doctoral thesis for the University of Tampere (Education). Heinonen has been helping over than 250 companies with their problems for several years and managed projects and research endeavors.

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