Neuroeconomics - Announcements


The expert in Neuromarketing, Ph.D. Jose Paolo Santos visited at Laurea 17.-18.4.2012.

He gave two lectures for students and staff.

Neuromarketing one: Consumer-brand relationships from neuroscience point of view. Presentation.

Neuromarketing two: How to scan brains in order to undersand consumer behaviour. Presentation.

Jyrki Suomala as an Open Cafe lecturer 28.4.2010

Jyrki Suomala participated Laurea SID's Open Cafe pilot episode by giving a lecture about "The promise of neuroeconomics". You can see the lecture from here.

"Open Cafe is a new and innovative way to lecture to people around the world. It is a series of short lectures presented via the Internet and organized in Adobe Connect e-meeting environment."

Teemu Hakkarainen
Research Intern
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